This Day

Sleepless, I dragged my bags out of my house for the 4am flight that will take me to work for the next 38 days in a faraway place.

I know it’s an opportunity but it is also a challenge for me for several reasons I won’t elaborate further.

For now, all I know is that this will be the longest 38 days of my life. And I’ll be counting them seriously until the time I go back home for Christmas.

No Goodbyes

A day before I uproot myself to another place for the next 67 days, I had to leave my fur baby behind with him.

Leaving Jax behind for the day has never been easy every single time. But I always look forward to going home and having him beside me after a long day. He’s such a darling and my pick-me-upper no matter precocious he is.

Today, I will leave him with a very heart though with someone I can fully trust to take care of him like I’ve always done.

I know he will be okay. He will have a new fur friend and new people to mingle with.

As for him, there were no goodbyes. I couldn’t. I just had to turn my back to hide the tears that are for everyone and everything I’ll be temporarily leaving behind.

The One Where I Cried

I had one of those weekends where I just enjoyed some peace and quiet with him in one of our go-to places.

It was a getaway that surprised us in a good way. No frills. Nothing fancy. Just what we wanted – to enjoy the walled city away from the maddening crowd.

On our way home, the impending trip finally started to sink in. Aside from all the worrisome things I’ll be leaving behind, it was when I realized how much I was going to miss him.

I cried – behind the wheel and in front of him.

And the sad fact was that I wasn’t able to tell him.

My 2 Vicentes

One of those moments when 3 generations get together for a very special day.

I am blessed to have these Vicentes in my life who have given me so much to be grateful about. Here’s to loving and living life no matter how tough it becomes sometimes.😍😍😍





And You’re 14

To my baby who’s not really a baby anymore…

You now have your own dreams, plans, and aspirations. And as you grow in years, know that I will just be here to support those, and you, the best way that I know and I can.

Mommy is teary-eyed yet very, very proud knowing that you have started to spread your wings. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart’s desires and passion. Mommy will always be here for you.

You make me and the other Vicente gleam with pride and joy with you around. I am and will forever be grateful that God gave me one of my biggest blessings that is you.

Happy 14th birthday, Sweetheart!! Wala munang girlfriend ha! Sige na nga, pwede na ang konting barkada. Hehehe! I love you!😍😍😍





My Girls

I can never thank these beautiful ladies enough for all the love and support I receive from them not only today but at any given time.

Thank you for the dinner treat and for stress eating with me during these very stressful times!😍😍😍

Love you both!!!❀❀❀






A Note

It was nice to finally meet Cheeno tonight. It’s sad that he has to be treated for something but I know he will be fine soon.

Thank you for the company. Some eyebrows may have been raised tonight. Seriously, I don’t care. I was actually proud to have been seen with you tonight.

I felt how disappointed you were when you didn’t have the coffee that you wanted. Maybe next time. Coffee time with you has always been interesting and I have always looked forward to it. It’s when you get to talk about whatever comes your way and I like it that way.

I may have said a few things tonight that probably made you feel guilty but I wasn’t trying to make you feel that way for all the things I’ve done and have been doing for you and your family. I just unintentionally shared my personal struggles, which, I hope, you would learn from. Life isΒ  beautiful with our struggles. It becomes more beautiful when we learn how to deal with and accept them as they come, with hope and faith that they will be over in time. I want you to know that our struggles can only make us stronger. And when we’re able to cope with the right mindset and attitude, we will be just fine.

Thank you for tonight, as always.

The One Where I Got All Soaked

It was one helluva rainy day.

The family affair where I got to play an extra role.

Once again, I got to feel that I have an important place in your life, even at the very least, for your convenience. And I don’t mind it at all.

I may have soaked under the rain but at least my heart wasn’t crying with the heavens today.

Thank you for making me feel that you have a need for me in your life.