Still Grateful

My dog and I are still traumatized by what happened. We are getting by though.

Looking back at what happened, I can only be grateful that we were not harmed. I have faith that the police will find the culprits. Put them behind bars or probably they might get killed along the way. Either way, I just wouldn’t want other people to go through the ordeal that we had.

Thank you to my friends who are making sure that we’re okay and for extending all the help they could give me in all forms.

There will always be something good that would come about after what we went through. I am hopeful and positively thinking of that.

Failed Security

My house was ransacked by robbers last night. Luckily, my dog was left unscathed and so was I.

Just when you think you’re already safe in your own home after that heartbreaking first break-in 2.5 years ago, you realize you are still not.

They have gotten everything I’ve worked for the past 2.5 years and I couldn’t even cry. I felt so numb that all I did was to stare into blank space.

I will have to start somewhere. But for now, let me wallow in my fear and in my desperation to get back everything that I lost – the things would go in second. I am talking about my work.

Surprising Intention

I was surprised to know and hear from you directly that you had the intention of asking me to join your family reunion today – so that they could get to meet me.

Though thought bubbles about that lingered for a while and for whatever intentions you had in mind for that, it made me smile.

Thank you for that smile.