I live a life similar to that of a soap opera – full of drama and sometimes with a hint of comedy.  How I wish it wasn’t that way.  But it is.

I write because it helps me cope with everyday living.  Writing down my thoughts makes me more in tune with my human side.  It’s like speaking to people in person, only you read my thoughts and feelings and you don’t actually see me.  When I write, I don’t intend to burden people with my issues nor force them to accept my opinions.  This is just the real me thinking out loud when I can’t find the words to blurt out.  And sometimes, you might just find that I am more real in my writings than when I am in person.

In so far as personal experiences have slapped on me, I don’t live in some made up or fairy tale world.  I have long forgotten that there might be just a place like that with what I have been through in life.  So you will just read exactly what I have in mind, sometimes, events as they happened.  I am not a creative writer writing fictional stories and making up characters.  How I wish I was and probably I can make money out of it.  But I’m not.  So don’t expect a lot of beautiful things in here.  This is all about the reality of my humanly life on earth – at least to those who know the URL.

I live each day as if it were my last for we can never be too sure what the next day brings or if there will ever be a next day.  I value my friends like family.  I am a Mommy with a soft heart and a firm hand.  And of course, at the end of the day, I enjoy and live life by the choices I make and what fate brings me.


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