Baby Shower

I just got a text message from a friend of mine who will be having a baby shower for his first-born son in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty excited about it because I was also asked to be this baby’s godmother. Woohoo!

I kinda miss those days when printed baby shower invitations are given out to friends and family members. Although the improvements in technology made our lives so much easier, it made me miss the simple joys of receiving letters in the mail, more so, invitations and other stuff that can really make my day.

Nonetheless, I am glad to be a second Mommy to another child real soon 🙂


A new goddaughter

Did I tell you that I have a new goddaughter? She’s just so pretty and cute! Her Mom is a close friend of mine.

I was supposed to attend her christening yesterday in Roxas City but plans changed. I hope to get to see her again soon.

Happy Christening, Samantha Nicole!

Waiting For The Big Day

It’s been almost 2 months since I last wrote something in my journal. We’ve been very busy preparing and now that I’m nearing the home stretch, I’m both excited and nervous at the same time. I’m almost 38 weeks on the family way and still everything seems to be uncertain. I can feel that anytime soon things will change not only for me but for my husband and my family as well. We’re welcoming the change with open arms.

What has happened the past few weeks? My birthday passed by quietly – just celebrated it with a couple of friends and family at home. We’ve been busy completing the layette list for the baby and of course, I was quite preoccupied thinking of a name for him. I enjoyed and still am enjoying every move that he makes inside my tummy. Sleepless nights are inevitable – making my sleeping habit very erratic; and my growing tummy was giving me all sorts of aches and pains. No regrets though! Everything’s all worth it.

Everybody in the family has a bet as to when our little darling’s coming out. So far we have crossed out the 8th and 9th and most probably today. We’re eagerly waiting!! Any guesses? Just e-mail me 😀

I’ll try to write as often as I can before I eventually go into labor and deliver the sweetest gift God has given me. I can’t wait to hold our little darling in my arms and hear him cry and see him smile.

My Dream Come True

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon. I’ve got nothing to do or better yet, even if I’ve got something to do, I’m just too lazy to do it at all. Who would like to move in a weather such as this? It’s nice to just sit and think – and for me, just write whatever comes to mind.

I have long been wanting to publish an online journal. But due to limitations in space and time constraints, I have never published one at all. I used a notebook to write down things that I don’t normally say to people who are part of my circle. I am a very open person but there are still matters I would rather keep to myself and write in my journal.

Finally I found the perfect venue for me to express my thoughts and feelings. Why do I have to share my journal? I find satisfaction to the fact that I’m able to share my talent in writing. Writing is a passion for me – a passion known only to a few people. Needless to say, this is something that I never really had the chance to show – not because I’m too shy but because I still want to keep myself “mysterious” in one way or another.

This is the fulfillment of a dream as I journey through another phase in my life. I want my close friends to be part of it. The fact that there must be one or two things that you might find interesting or useful from my day-to-day living and being able to apply it in your own life is already something for me to be proud of.

Not only will you find interesting and otherwise thoughts from me here in this journal, but also this will be my venue to share with you anything that I found to be worth reading – like e-mails from friends, books that I found worth-reading (and otherwise), articles that I find useful and maybe a tip or two for whatever occasion. This will be your portal to my everyday living.

This would also serve as my venue for interaction with friends and other people who are able to read through my work. This is one project that I’ve long been wanting to have.

I may not be as good as the best writers that we have around but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed doing it – not only for myself but for my precious readers as well.

Today marks the publishing of my own online journal. It took me some time to decide whether to publish it or not but now here it is and I’m looking forward to better days with this project of mine.

Liz 🙂

The Coming Of A Blessing

My husband and I marked September 10 in our calendar. Aside from the fact that it was my pre-natal check-up with my OB and a follow-up with my pulmonologist, we scheduled my ultrasound on that day too. My OB just wanted a regular pelvic ultrasound but since I saw the benefits of a congenital anomaly ultrasound (as recommended by Cinds Choa), we preferred that despite its being quite pricey. I wanted to know how the baby is faring because I’ve been sick almost monthly

When my name was called for the ultrasound, I was overly excited and extremely nervous. At last we’ll already know the gender of our angel. My husband and I had a bet, not over the gender but as to where our baby’s head will be when the ultrasound will be performed. His bet was on the right and mine was on the left side of my tummy. I lost the bet because the baby’s head was on the right side of my tummy.

Anyway, when the ultrasound device was already being maneuvered on my tummy, we saw right away how active and “makulit” he is – as in sobrang likot!! We were both laughing because the doctor was having a hard time finding the gender of the baby. But then, I was kinda depressed because the doctor was making some comments on how small the baby’s body is as compared to having a big head, she couldn’t see the hands and legs, etc. I really couldn’t see the monitor because I was lying down and I didn’t have a good view of it. It was my hubby who had a very good view of the ultrasound monitor. I just kept quiet because it didn’t strike me as good news. Then the doctor saw the genitalia of the baby – I’m having a baby boy! The doctor took a picture of the scrotum and penis then they labeled it as “BOY.” I was elated and uttered a silent prayer in my mind thanking God for granting my wish for me to have a baby boy. Then they called the senior OB/Sonologist for checking. I was all the more elated because the doctor told me that the impressions are very good so far. He’s super likot. We saw his face. The doctor was hoping out loud that the baby would face the monitor so that she can take a picture of his face. He looked our way for a second and when he felt the device near his face, he right away looked at the other side. It was evident that he was camera shy! Hehehehe! It seemed to us that he was testing our patience because it would seem like he wanted to show his face and then he won’t do it all. His hands and legs were constantly moving. All we can say was that he’s such an active baby!!!

To sum it up, the doctor saw no fetal anomaly and he’s such an active baby boy growing in my tummy. He has very good fetal heart rate and active fetal breathing and movement. Another comment from the doctor was he’s quite big for his gestational age – he’s 3 lbs. 11 oz. Even my OB told me that he’s quite big. As per the ultrasound report, I’m already 31 weeks AOG by fetal biometry and my expected due date is November 12. But my OB told me that we’ll just follow the last ultrasound I had last May where November 27 is my due date. I know my hubby was quite disappointed because he very much wanted to have a baby girl but I know he’s also happy because the baby will be able to play with the old toys that he and his brother had. After we got the results, I texted all of our close friends and family members and informed them. We got a lot of greetings and well-wishes and it felt really good.

My husband made a comment about the doctor who first performed the ultrasound on me. He told me that the senior OB/Sonologist was better because she really knew how to take a look at the impression on the ultrasound monitor.

I also got my OGTT results that day and thank God I don’t have gestational diabetes. My UTI has also been cured. However, my OB still wants me to get a clearance from my diabetician so on the 23rd, aside from seeing my OB, I would also have to see my diabetician. My OB wants me to be in very good shape when I give birth so as not to have any complications. My pulmonologist, on the other hand, gave me some medications for my non-productive cough. The side effects of my medicines are drowsiness and some temporary heart palpitations. I don’t think the palpitations are the effect on me – I do have migraine attacks when I take Clarinase which has pseudoephedrine. But so far, I think I’m responding to the medications despite the side effects.

I can’t wait to tell my Mom that I’m having a baby boy. I can’t even wait to shop for his things. We may have some financial difficulties at this time but I know that God will always provide us with something. Very soon, I’ll have in my arms the most precious birthday gift I’ve had in my entire life. I’m just glad that God granted me my wish to have a healthy and normal baby boy. I just hope he’ll continue to be like that for the rest of the pregnancy and especially when he comes out in this world.

Liz 🙂