The Challenge

I have started a whole new journey to face the challenge that was presented to me in the form of a new job.  It will not be easy and it will take some time before everything will be in place.  And I welcome this one with a smile on my face.

But more than anything else, it is a far greater challenge to know what’s going on in one’s head and heart rather than to re-organize a company that needs rehabilitation.  As I did my work today, my heart was wandering far away as I searched for answers to questions and thoughts running in my head. 

How I wish Google and management books have the answers to those.  But only one person could give me the answers I’m looking for.  Hopefully, I could find the answers I’m searching for soon.


Monday Messages

Call me cheesy…call me sentimental…but these messages made me smile as soon as I opened my eyes to a brand new week ahead. These made me feel so loved and blessed.


These would really start my week right. Thank you for coming into my life.

The Weekend That Was

The Gift

Despite the bad start, the weekend still turned out to be one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

Thank you for this gift. I was really touched by the gesture. Things like this just make me go all sentimental and cheesy.

Thank you for the gift of time and you. You never fail to make me feel special and important. And I feel so loved and cared for by you. And like I always tell you, the little things already mean a lot to me.

No relationship is perfect. But our imperfections make everything all worth the while with you.

And with that, I need not say or ask for anything more ü

The Gift of You

I didn’t need anything fancy. To see you and be with you were enough.

The simple dinner…the talk over coffee to cap the night…these just made the day all the more special.

I’ve never felt this appreciated in my life for the longest time.

All of these were more than enough to celebrate a momentous first month in my life’s new chapter with you.

I am just so thankful for the gift of you.


It was only a random thought of doing something nice and sweet for someone special.

With you in mind for the surprise, I felt overwhelmed as I saw how you appreciated that little gesture of love for you.

I’m grateful to you for giving a few minutes out of your busy working schedule to see me.

I never felt so appreciated for the longest time. It was indeed heartwarming to see that right before my very eyes.

I may have surprised you. But I thank you more for surprises like this in my life.

No Words

Everything was simple…

Meet up, dinner at a Thai place, coffee at a doughnut shop, a couple of fags to go with the coffee, went to a place that I haven’t been to for the longest time and enjoyed talking with you ’til the early hours of the morning…

How I wish I could just stop time for us…but that would be selfish…I would not want to take you away from the world you have already known.

Words are not enough to explain the happiness I’m feeling every time I am with you.

There are no words…just feelings…feelings that only the heart will be able to understand.